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    KODA Energy Gel is carbohydrate food in liquid/gel form. It is designed to provide a large amount of calories in a small volume to fuel the brain and active muscles. It is formulated to have a low thermic effect and be gentle on the stomach even at high heart rate. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to have a low sensory impact, which is a very important feature especially when our senses are heightened when heart rate is elevated.

    Given every athlete has specific energy requirements it's difficult to recommend a general intake of calories. It depends on how fast you are and how much your stomach can tolerate. As a guide take one KODA Energy Gel 10 minutes before training or your event. To access 35 calories per hour take one KODA Gel every 20 minutes. For 290 calories per hour take one KODA Gel every 2 minutes. For 234 calories per hour take one KODA Gel every 30 minutes. For 175 calories per hour take one KODA Gel every 45 minutes.

    Yes it is gluten free we use corn not wheat and it is fructose free. The main ingredient in KODA Gels is maltodextrin – carbohydrate made from natural corn starch. It's not high fructose corn syrup! Back in 1995 we went for a gluten free formulation long before it became a thing. The high quality maltodextrin that we use does not contain refined, processed sugars, which is reason why it's so gentle on the stomach.

    Absolutely not! The fructose that other gel manufacturers use is a heavily processed crystalline form sugar that in no way resembles the naturally occurring fructose that is found in fruit. This crystalline form sugar can cause terrible stomach complaints to those who are susceptible.

    No – KODA Gels do not contain any animal products.

    Australian Food Standards require that this statement is placed on Formulated Supplementary Sports Foods under regulation 2.9.4. The simple answer to this question is we are not really sure why we have to place this statement on the KODA Energy Gel product. In fact we get numerous brand new Mums emailing us telling us that KODA Energy Gels was all they could consume whilst in labour. There is nothing in the non caffeinated formula that would prevent a child from consuming this product, but we play by the rules and the rules say we have to put this mandatory statement on the packaging.

    All KODA Energy Gel batches are tested by a third party agency with documentation showing their safe use for athletes.

    Not if you don't feel like it. We are not sure why you are told to drink a lot of fluid when you consume an energy gel. The whole idea of energy gels is to provide a large amount of calories in a small volume. Consuming fluid with the energy gel increases the volume the stomach has to deal with. If you feel you need to drink after consuming a KODA Energy Gel then just have a small amount of fluid. Given the KODA Energy Gels have a low thermic effect it will pass through the stomach quite quickly without the need for a lot of fluid.

    We have kept the formulation simple and for a very good reason, it allows us to provide a gel that has a smooth consistency and is not thick or pasty. KODA Energy Gels go down easy and have a great after taste. We were very particular about the palatability of all our products as senses are heightened during activity. We doubt any other sports nutrition company has put as much effort into their formulations as KODA have.

    Absolutely, in fact they work very well together particularly for long duration events when you feel you need some solid food option to satisfy hunger. Because the KODA Energy Gel moves so quickly across the gut into the bloodstream you rarely feel full. Combining the KODA Energy Gel and KODA Energy Bar is a smart move, particularly for longer duration events.

    Cola/Vanilla, Green Plum and Cappuccino flavours contain 80mg of caffeine.


    We already have the energy component in the KODA Energy Gels and KODA Energy Bars. Having a product like KODA Electrolyte Tablets allows you to focus purely on hydration. Calorie requirements during activity don't change regardless of the weather conditions. What does change is the volume of fluid you require based on the temperature and humidity. If you are relying on your calories from a powdered or ready made sports drink you are locked into that volume of fluid, irrespective of whether you need that much fluid at the time.

    Sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium are the electrolytes present in the KODA Electrolyte Tablet. Although the emphasis is on the sodium component because it is what we lose most of in sweat. The formulation has been carefully considered to enable athletes with varying requirements to be able to address their hydration needs to suit them.

    There is no sugar in KODA Electrolyte Tablets so you can customise and adapt your hydration to your own physiological makeup and the changing conditions you train and compete in. Meaning you can add more tablets if you need to and change the volume of fluid that you drink based on how much you are sweating.

    The KODA Electrolyte Tablets focus primarily on replacing what is lost in sweat. We do not lose sugar in our sweat. 

    Think of KODA Electrolyte Tablet as a sports drink in tablet form (without all the sugar) with the ability to carry your sports drink wherever you go... simple, smart and effective. The amount of sodium in the KODA Electrolyte Tablet is considerably more than traditional sports drinks as we have recognised that athletes lose far more sodium than any other electrolyte. Some athletes lose a lot more than others.

    By removing the calories and separating your hydration from your calorie requirements allows you to customise the volume of fluid and the amount of sodium to address your individual needs and adapt them to any weather conditions.

    There are 12 tablets per tube enough to make 6 litres.

    Yes – just like the KODA Energy Gels


    KODA Energy Bar is a conveniently packaged, sugar free, dairy free, great tasting bar that is formulated to provide calories in a form that is easily consumed and digested to provide fuel for the brain and active muscles. 

    Vegan, no preservatives, no artificial colours or flavours and proudly Australian Made

    It can be used prior to, during and post activity. Depending on your personal preference you can consume the KODA Energy Bar whenever you feel the need for a solid food option during activity, or at anytime when you need a guilt free snack.

    KODA Energy Bars are gluten free and dairy free!

    KODA Energy Bars do not contain caffeine. 

    No they don't, they are suitable for Vegans.


    Everyone is different and developing food products, especially for athletes when senses are heightened during activity, is not an easy job. The fact is you are never going to please everyone. Having said that we doubt very much that a sports nutrition company has put as much effort and time into producing a range of products that encompasses all of the attributes that are critical to ensuring the athlete receives what they need when they need it, with the lowest sensory impact. In short, if you are looking for a solid food option to consume during activity, or anytime for that matter, you should try the KODA Energy Bar.

    It is a personal preference. If you feel the need to consume fluid when consuming the KODA Energy Bar that is no problem. If you don't feel the need to consume fluid then that is no problem either. There are no hard and fast rules when providing advice to athletes on the consumption of food and fluid. Learn in training what works best for you.

    Absolutely, in fact they work very well together particularly for long duration events when you feel you need some solid food option to satisfy hunger. Because the KODA Energy Gel moves so quickly across the gut into the bloodstream you don't get that full feeling (which is why we think it is the perfect fuel during activity). 


    It's an ultra-filtered 100% Whey Protein Isolate that is used to assist in muscle repair and recovery post exercise or competition.

    The ultra-filtered powder means it is gentle on the stomach and mixes easily to ensure fast absorption.

    Post exercise and competition is the best time to use KODA 1005 Whey Protein Isolate to assist in recovery.

    You can mix KODA 100% Whey Protein Isolate with milk, low fat milk, water or juice. You can add KODA 100% Whey Protein Isolate to your smoothies or as a topping on your porridge.


    It is the ultra filtration process that we use that sets us apart from other protein powders. You notice straight away how much easier the KODA 100% Whey Protein Isolate is to mix and how gentle it is on the stomach.

    Every batch is third party tested by HASTA and certificates can be provided on request.

    There is no caffeine present in either flavour.